DDAC Curriculum

With DDCC and DDAC partner companies you will earn a lifelong profession!

Education Highlights:

  • Professional, dual 8,000 hours education in a well balanced mix of theory and practice
  • Approx. 1,500 hours at DDCC to prepare for your career and the Associate´s Degree
  • 6,500 hours at DDAC member company’s facility as part of the maintenance team
  • High level electives such as welding, CNC processing, PLC programming and Six Sigma, a professional tool for process optimization


You start your apprenticeship program, and four years later you have completed your degree and your apprenticeship.

You have completed a total of 8,000 paid hours of high-quality training and start as a fully trained registered maintenance engineer without college debt in your career at the partner company.

11st year: Basic Education
  • Industrial Safety
  • Print Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Machining Applications
  • Automation
22nd – 4th year: Specialization Years
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Hydraulics/Pneumatics
  • Industrial Equipment Troubleshoot
  • Engineering Materials
  • Advanced Machining Applications
  • Machining Calculations
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Basic and Advanced PLC
  • Electrical Maintenance
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