With a DDAC Apprenticeship Placement you can …

Join DDAC's apprenticeship program and enjoy a new job, receive an Associate’s Degree, and two Journeyman certificates while working fulltime at a DDAC member company in Davie and Davidson County!

What is an apprenticeship program with one of DDAC’s member companies?

An apprenticeship is a program that trains an individual to become a skilled tradesman in a particular field through on-the-job training and supervision of a trade professional. In addition to the hands-on technical work, the apprentice receives classroom instruction to learn the theoretical background.

- earn competitive salary

- earn an associate degree or certificate

- earn journeyman certificates

- earn a lifelong profession

What we offer:

  • Paid, 4-year apprenticeship program in mechanical or electrical trades, or 2-year production operator track
  • Paid degree or certificate, no college debt
  • Eligible for full-time employment following graduation
  • Full benefits package
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